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The eternal God is your helper

I will help you, says the Lord

(Isaiah 41:14)

Let us listen to Jesus this morning as he says to each of us, "I will help you." It is no small thing for me to help you. Consider what I have already done; have I not helped you? I have bought you with my blood. What, have I not helped you? I have died for you, and if I have done the greatest thing, shall I not do the least? Help you! This is the least I have done for you.

I have done more, and before the world was formed, I chose you. Before the world was formed, I chose you. I made a covenant for you; for you I left my glory and became a man; I gave my life for you. If I did all this, there is no doubt that now I will also help you.

In helping you, I give you what I have already bought for you. If you needed a thousand times more help than I usually give you, I would give it to you. You ask for little in comparison to what I am willing to give you.

For you it is much to ask, but for me it is nothing to give. Help you? Fear not. If there were an ant at your barn door asking for help, would it bring you to ruin if you gave it a handful of wheat? For thou art but an insignificant insect at the door of Almighty God.

O my soul, is this not enough for you? do you need more power than the Omnipotence of the united Trinity? do you need more wisdom than that which exists in the Father, more love than that which is manifested in the Son, or more power than that which is manifested in the works of the Holy Spirit? Bring here your empty pitcher, this spring will certainly fill it.

Make haste, gather your needs and bring them here: your emptiness, your pains and your necessities. Behold, this river of God is full to supply them. What more can you desire?

My soul, go forth today strengthened by this promise. The eternal God is your helper. "Fear not, for I am with you, faint not, for I am your God who strengthens you, I will always help you."

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